Thursday, February 22, 2007

Soul Songs of Life

Sometimes rambling thoughts carry me to places I've never been. Sometimes those places are instinctively recognized. They feel like a coming home to an awareness or an awakening. When this happens my whole being sort of sings with truth and life. Such was the case this morning.

This morning's news had an article on the things that men fear. That started me thinking. My thoughts ran through many subjects. The article said men fear rejection and looking foolish in public. I know people who won't reach out to others because of such fears. So my thoughts started in the direction of men, women and their relationships. They stumbled through the ways that men and women focus on one another. They stumbled through sex. The idea that sex is a gift from God was considered.

The Eastern philosophies consider sex a pathway to the divine. The Western ones need to see Christ in them. This is not easy until you consider what Christ did with others. He saw, loved and knew each individual whose life he touched. He tended to their needs. We need to do that in our relationships. We don't do enough of it in our marriages. At least not in Western marriages. And I thought about the times when I felt my ex partner meeting mine.

Then I wandered through one of the better times of my marriage when the environment was not the bedroom or the kitchen and was wonderfully united in love. I thought about how even though I have anger at some of the things that happened during the breakup and divorce I still have memories that mean something to me. That is the part that makes divorce so hard. You have good things that hold you to someone and bad things that tear you apart.

Taking a look back at where I'd been mentally I was amazed at how much I had thought about and how broad the mental wandering had been. Somehow through that mental conversation I ended up telling myself that, "Life changes constantly and broadly. If we aren't in a state of change we aren't living. And if we don't recognize that change in all its breadth and embrace it, we aren't living fully." And my soul rang! May the dawn of your day sing to you as beautifully as mine did.

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