Monday, September 03, 2007

Dangerous Website

The other day a friend and I went shopping. We were being unsuccessful so she suggested I look at Land's End. They are holding their seasonal sale and we both had their sale catalogs at home. I checked on their webpage and found a lovely pair of camel colored ballet flats which will do for work with lots of things in my closet. Being unsure which size to get, I called and ordered by phone. While on the phone I was told that if the shoes didn't fit I could take them to my local Sears store for return. Wow! No standing in line at the Post Office to mail out packages! Then she asked if I had anything else I wanted. I didn't but she told me that I had till 10:00 PM to call and add things to the order if I changed my mind. This is where it got dangerous.

While the shoes were a mere $20, I needed a purse that would hold more then the one I currently use. So, I shopped until I found a messenger bag and selected black as the most neutral color. This also went for a mere $20. I called and added it to the order which moved out of the bargain range into the merely reasonable. Then, because I've put on weight and am shuffling through different pairs of pants to look nice at work, I shopped for pants. There was nothing in pants I wanted but I did stumble across a long, washable, linen skirt that was going for $40 instead of the original $70. It seemed to come in the color to match a jacket I'd bought earlier so I called again. We looked but I'd bought the jacket too far back to be in their records. We checked color descriptions and decided that my jacket matched the flax description. So this too was added to the order. Now the bill is way out of the bargain range.

I'm stopping!!! I laughingly told the sales clerk that I was getting off their website before I blew my budget and she laughed with me. My purchases will be here within the week. If everything fits I'll be happy. If they don't I can return things to the Sears along Loop 410.

I'm sure there are a few caveats I should consider. Flax isn't the preferred color for interviewing, that's supposed to be gray, black or navy. Tough! I'm not wearing a hot color in hot weather. Messenger bags probably don't look professional enough, unless made of leather, when going to I won't carry it there...I'll change to a leather purse. For now it'll work for all the stuff I need to haul around while student teaching. Yep, Land's End is a dangerous website.

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