Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Latest in Car Repairs

At 9:00 today I went down to the dealership, cold and all, and turned over the keys to my car. About an hour later they come and tell me that it is a couple of codes dealing with the emission system. The bill would run $279 but they would give me a 10% discount. I was very grateful for the reduction in price. With tax that turned out to be the entire amount. So once again the check engine light is back off and we will wait and see if it comes on again.

I really hope it doesn't. This past month I've spent just over $1000 on this little warning light. I know that if I keep the car in good running condition it will save me money. I just wish all of this would happen when I'm working again and not student teaching for free.

I'm back home now and getting ready to head to bed. San, I took your advice and brought something fun to read with me. I never got around to that book though because I first worked a sudoku and then started putting together lesson plan ideas. At least I have something I can put down on paper later. Now the trick will be to make those single ideas into a weeks worth of lessons...with more than just one activity per lesson. Keep those prayers ascending please.



San said...

Lee, do you think it's possible that the warning light is malfunctioning? We have one on our truck that's permanently lit, and that's the only problem, just the light. Call us stupid, but we're just letting it shine away. It's like the Little Light That Cried Wolf. If something else does go wrong, we won't we warned.

You are of course in my prayers. Best of luck with those lesson plans.

Lee said...

San, no I don't. They run this computer diagnostic and it came up with codes that tell them what is wrong. I'm thinking it is just a streak of bad luck or maybe a something like fix one thing and the new part puts wear and tear on an old part. Even so I'm glad the car is fixed. This was emissions and those can get serious in San Antonio. We have air warning days.

Thank you for the prayers and good wishes.