Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Something to Think About

Yesterday my PC gave me a paradigm about competence. It gave me food for thought so I'm sharing it. There are 4 levels of competence. From worst to best they go like this.

1) Unconscious Incompetence

2) Conscious Incompetence

3) Conscious Competence

4) Unconscious Competence

I seem to be spending time in the 2nd level right now but there are moments when I'm at the 3rd. I expect there will be more moments of level 3 as I get better at teaching. Someday, I hope I will experience some level 4 moments. Peace, Hope, and Joy!


San said...

Hi Lee, I got intrigued by this post, wondering who the heck "PC" was, so I started surfing your blog! He's your pastoral counselor. I believe I've stumbled on a new category--conscious persistence? Maybe that's why we blog...

Lee said...

Hi San. Welcome and Thank You for spending so much time looking through my meanderings. You're absolutely right. I like your label of persistence. The PC will probably like it too. :)