Monday, September 03, 2007

Firefox & Blogger Headaches

For the past 24 hours, I've not been able to easily access my blob. I can download the page but when it comes to logging on and doing any control work Firefox says there is a problem with verifying the certificate in OCSP (hope I got those letters in the right order). I tried rebooting and that didn't work. I had to change to IE Tab view in order to get access to my dashboard, moderate comments, and join blogger help discussions. Right now I'm posting in IE Tab. Sigh!

I don't want to have to always use IE. It doesn't load as quickly and to my mind isn't as secure as Firefox. I couldn't find anything on the discussion boards about this issue. The only thing I've done recently whch might be contributing to this is that I just upgraded my security software. I installed McAfee's Total Protection package. It's a really nice package which includes just about everything you'd want in computer security. I hope it isn't causing this problem. I vaguely remember a quick blurb on the blogger help page saying don't worry about our certificate. Well, I'm worrying now. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions about how to fix this so that I don't have to constantly use the IE workaround I'd really appreciate it if they'd post them in my comments. Thanks!

My headache is fixed, temporarily. I went into Firefox and looked very carefully at the certificate options page. It has one where I didn't have to use OCSP. So I selected it. Now I can log on without changing to IE. But I'd still like to know why it changed. So I suppose I need to go and look up certificates to determine how OCSP works. In the mean time, I can once again not have to struggle to log in to post or post blog comments.

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