Sunday, September 30, 2007

Repairs on a Church - Repairs on a Life

Because we are doing some much needed renovating of the sanctuary, we have moved our church services to the fellowship hall. We will be there for 6 weeks. A lot of planning and work went into this move. Normally the fellowship hall is used for breakfast this time of year. We serve the best breakfast you can find for the requested offering in town. Now the food has gone continental and so have the dining arrangements. To make room for the chairs in the temporary sanctuary they moved the food outside to the walkway along with tables, chairs and the coffee and whatnot. It is really quite pleasant. The new breakfast area feels like a sidewalk cafe and everyone seems to be enjoying the setting. It doesn't hurt that our gorgeous prayer garden is right beside the walkway and all the lovely trees and water feature keep the place cool and calm. I'm hoping that they take photos of this new arrangement of things and post them on the website.

While at church this morning I got some reassurance from more experienced teachers and friends about my stressful situation at school. I asked and my priest gave me a blessing and a prayer. My friend Ella talked to me about gathering resources among the friends I have both at church and on campus. My Alter Guild head talked to me about how different reality can be from the classroom and she should know, she's a nurse. My friend Wilma, a retired teacher, looked over my basic plans for the first subject which I will pick up in a week and said they were okay and that I seemed to be on the right track. I have enough material that I'm ready to type up something for my CT and will ask her to try to help me gauge if I have enough to fill an hour of teaching time for the subject. I'm supposed to be over prepared for time filling. I've really tried on this. I even downloaded a cute power point presentation on finding the adjective in a sentence which is adding in technology, so I feel fairly well prepared. Friday's are the assessment day and I have a 10 question quiz in mind with an extra point question which will let each student take off one wrong answer if they attempt it and get it right. So going to church this morning was definitely the right thing to do. I feel much better. And that's enough sentences starting with the "I" word. Peace, Hope & Joy and may you have a Happy Sunday.


San said...

I love the sidewalk cafe idea. It sounds really festive. And how nice that you got all of that support today!!

Lee said...

Thank you San. It was great to get it. Now I just have to put it to good use.