Friday, July 04, 2008

A List of Lists

Like most lists this one started one day and got carried over to another so some changes have been made along the way. It kept growing a bit too. :)

Recently Accomplished
1. cleaned the bathroom for all household residents -ummm...that would be me and two cats.
2. learned how to back up a registry - this is in prep for fixing Zoom Browser - the fix didn't work - so add call Canon to the to do list.
3. grocery shopped - forgot ice - getting friend to deliver
4. laundry - and the store was out of my favorite size of detergent - go to another store
5. JigZone puzzle - plus a couple of sudoku and a mindless maze puzzle downloaded from Big Fish Games
6. coordinated 4th of July evening plans -this took 3 phone calls, two emails, two maps, and a trip to the grocery store - plus the gathering was 1hr 33mins away so I needed gasoline.
7. decluttered some of desk surface - patience, persistence, and several small trash cans full
8. backed up the photo files - one blank CD and Thank God for Nero - test old discs to see if they can be recycled because "Nero has erase disc" functions.
9. car filled - not quite $4/gal. but it's getting there (3.919) Eek! Wonder if is really worth the investment.
10. walked enough to qualify for exercise although not as much as yesterday.

Recent Joys
1)Got bills and rent paid. The rent took me over to the complex office early so that I could beat the associate there.
2)Then...because it was early, pretty cool, not too bright, and the lake was right there...I walked the lake circuit with camera in hand. And boy did I have fun! I treated the walk kind of like San did her gallery. When I get the pictures all renamed, resized, and any adjustments made (Gads I must have taken a gillion of 'em) I'll post about the whole walk. It was really nice. And you know what? The batteries got replaced on the walk, but not the memory card...amazing how much 4 Gigs will hold.

To Do List
1. get carpet cleaned - phone call to complex office - make that a stop by the office :) I was out and about.
2. have bug man come - same as above
3. register vehicle - check bank account before you go...too late to register by mail. Oops, my bad! - Wow, the lady at the vehicle registration office was really nice. New tags! Whew!
4. get Zoom Browser fixed - call Canon's 866 number on Monday
5. throw away about a zillion pieces of useless paper - ongoing process
6. read several books, magazine articles, and web pages I've bookmarked for interest
7. post pictures from last Thursday's circuit of lake to blog. That should be fun! :)
8. take registration form to church office and get my Celtic Daily Prayer book back while I'm there.

Post that inspired me recently: Susan's Anniversaries. Note to self: don't forget to send this link to PC.

Web page that was most recently useful: AARP's National Employer Team page. - Keep going back...this has lots of good tools and several really useful websites to use plus a list of employers to search in each industry. Also helpful is their Choosing A Career page. It has lists and assessments you can do to help you get ready for a change or just a really good search.

1. light bulbs for bathroom mirror (Is it uncouth to replace decorative globe bulbs with curly florescent ones? There wouldn't be a cover over the bulb. Which would probably look ugly. But would be GREEN!)( heck with it...removed the pretty, burned out bulb out and put in my only remaining curly, florescent one...Voila! We have light and who cares if it looks pretty. No one wants to bathe in the dark! And candles are against the lease...darn it!)
2. kitty litter & more cat food (Why is kitty litter an end in and of itself when cat food seems to be a commodity you replenish?) Done!!!
3. more coat hangers - can't believe I ran out of those...did someone buy new clothes when I wasn't looking?
4. get car to shop for tune up - at the price of gasoline these days I think this is going to be as necessary as the basic utilities.
5. phone cord for answering machine...Hooboo keeps playing it to disconnectedness
6. another excuse for continuing the slightly but not too energetic activity program that I'm hoping will keep on going. Read something on the Eating Well web page that talked about how to know when you're ready to start getting fit and how to keep it up. One of those things was gathering support from friends. Gee...wonder if I know anyone who would like a walking buddy.

Personal Goals
Reclaim my environment.
Declutter - part of process towards the above.
Recover old values and eradicate unnecessary or faulty ones - that could be a post in and of itself.
For crying out loud, stop apologizing for everything!
Stop over quantifying everything! (And would that include making lists of numbered items?)

Present Activity
Working on that lake tour post! :)


murat11 said...

Excellent call on the light bulbs. The Green folk just need to come up with some cool colors for ambience.

Looking forward to the lake tour.

Lee said...

Thanks, Paschal! I asked Greg who to talk to about getting more of those bulbs from the church and it was apparently a short term thing. But, they might do it again in the fall. In the mean time I guess I should run to Home de Pot for some extras to put in the rest of the outlets. :)

I'm looking forward to the lake tour also. Spent some time stitching several photos together to make panoramic views of the lake. Not bad! :)


Sandi McBride said...

Okay, I'm worn out just reading your lists...can't wait to see the photos as I'm sure they're fantastic! I spent the day separating laundry and picking up behind the Hound who has learned to unroll toilet tissue with a passion! She's such a sweetie most of the time, but into devilment all the time!

Lee said...

Ooh! Bad Hound! Leave that roll of TP alone little one! Hooboo does that too btw.

We had a healthy storm today. More expected tonight! Yay!

I'm looking forward to the pictures too. :)


jsd said...

wow - you've been busy and look pretty busy for awhile - can't wait to see your pics

Lee said...

Thanks JS! I am/have been busy and it feels SO GOOD!

Missed talking to you this weekend. Hope you all had good times.