Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Far, So Good

Just talked to Mom on the phone. They seem to be doing ok. It must have been a corded phone because they've been without power for the past 3 days. Their door is sandbagged to prevent water from coming in. The branches blown off the two trees in front of their cottage filled up two pickup truck beds. They're eating food that doesn't need cooking. Mom doesn't know how much longer the food in the refrigerator will be good. And of course it is warm in their cottage with no air conditioning. But hey, things could be worse. Now we know they can reach me if needful. If it gets worse (with flooding it might) Dad can still get in his car and come up here. And somewhere he found an old battery operated radio and was listening to that when I called. They don't sound concerned about surviving. The last report I read had a lot of good info so if you want to read it go here.


murat11 said...

Glad to hear they are in good shape. Hopefully, that A/C will come back on soon. On I-37 this afternoon, we saw caravans of utility trucks heading south to help out with the outages.

Maggie May said...

Keep us posted! Must be scary. Hope it is over soon.

Lee said...

Paschal: Thanks for the info! I'm not surprised. After Katrina the governor is all over this one.

Maggie: I will, thanks for caring! Me too!

Peace! & Hope!

jsd said...

glad to hear that your parents are safe and well.

Lee said...

Thanks JS. :) I was so glad to find out I could reach them by phone! Whew! :D

Hugs! & Joy!