Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Got up at the near crack of dawn to feed the cats and clear the floor. The carpet cleaner is coming today, so I wanted to have everything I could lift out of the way to provide complete access for his steam nozzle. The chairs are turned upside down on the dining table. Kind of looks like a restaurant after hours from some old movie I saw once. The bentwood rocker is on the brick area in front of the fireplace. The exercise ball is on top of the rocker. It looks funny but it keeps the cats from using the rocker as a leaping point to get onto the mantel which is filled with tiny, breakable if they fall things. Several filing containers as well as the trash can are in the kitchen. Stuff such as my guitar, music books, and some other boxes are stacked on top of the bed. Even the sofa is covered with stuff right now.

Hooboo has been encouraged to go outside this morning. Hyram can't because he has no front claws, so he will be put into the bathroom when the guy arrives. That will provide him with access to his cat box and some water for the short time the guy will be here cleaning.

While clearing the floor I discovered several things/areas that can be worked on in the reclamation of my environment project. Plus I found my art supplies. Maybe I can get back into drawing at some point.

Because every available surface is covered with stuff right now the only place I can comfortably sit and wait is the computer chair. So here I sit, typing away on the keyboard and thinking of getting that book off the bed to read for a bit. That plus pouring another, my second, cup of coffee.

The photos for the lake tour are getting there. I've done the stitching of the panoramic views and renamed most of them.

Took Susan's "Anniversaries" story with me to my PC session. He loved it and wanted to keep it! Of course he can keep it, I saved a copy to my computer as a word doc.

And on Thursday, I have two appointments for checkups, and the bug guy is coming. I think it's going to be a busy day.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!


murat11 said...

Spring cleaning in the down time of summer: an excellent idea.

murat11 said...

Just read Susan's "Anniversaries" post. It is awesome. Thanks for pointing the way.

Lee said...

So true, Paschal. There is something satisfying about having your world well ordered. :)

Glad you liked it. She really is one of the best writers of our day. I wish she had wider exposure, but I guess that will have to come with time and pushing by her fans. :)


Susan Palwick said...

Aw, shucks. Thank you both!

I'm so glad your PC enjoyed the post, Lee. Thanks for showing it to him!

Lee said...

:) You're welcome, Susan! Thanks ever so much for telling it!

Hope! & Joy!

San said...

We're doing a little cleaning here too, Lee, in preparation for houseguests. This time of the year, though, with the windows open, it's impossible to stay on top of the dusting. We've come to accept the layer of dust everywhere, we expect it, but it must look kind of funny to those from other parts.

Lee said...

Ooh, you may be better about dust than I am San! I long ago gave up on any real hope of keeping dust at bay. There are way too many things tiny and delicate to move to accomplish thorough dusting and anything less just makes the rest of it look dirtier.

As to others noticing...well, I'm just glad to know I'll feel right at home at your place. :)