Friday, November 09, 2007

Aural Memories - 100 words

Saved messages on the answering machine. Message one, "Atta girl!" My old friend deby. Now deceased but long remembered. Voice gravelly. Just like mine. Total approval. No qualifiers. Guarded like it was gold! Message two, "Lee, this is Abbie McLennon, You're Lay Eucharistic minister for Sunday. This is your first time. Congratulations!" Shy smile. Someone noticed. Also treasured. The memory of a mile stone. The start of service. Aural memories. Wishing for a way to preserve them against possibility of loss. Praise digital clarity, they're as clear as the day they were recorded. Synaptic responses bring visual memories. Smiling heart.


San said...

Lee, this is lovely. I remember a set of Christmas digital pictures of the kids got mysteriously eradicated on our computer before we could back them up. My heart sank. Yes, we had plenty of pictures, but not those pictures of that day in the snow at Pagosa. It still makes me feel sad.

You do need to back up these auditory memories which mean so much to you.

I see you are doing Paschal's 100 words now. The Celtic Mass piece I enjoyed too. Have a great day!

Lee said...

San, glad you liked it. Thank you. I'm so sorry your kids pictures got lost. I know how losing something like that feels. The video of my wedding was in the hands of sis-in-law and someone stole her VCR with the video in it. I never even got to see it. :(

I'll research to see if there are ways to preserve something from an answering machine. Maybe someone else wanted to do the same.

Yep...100 words are fun! Not posting to that website yet but I'm enjoying the practice of this exercise. It helps me keep my posting short and to the point.

You have a great day too!


Anonymous said...

Hello again Lee,
Your message.... a connection to a loved friend how beautiful,i have videos of my father and sister i love me they are like precious threads that still connect me to them in heaven.
Thanks for sharing this Lee.
love Kristina XxX

Lee said...

Oh Kristina, thank you so much for sharing that feeling. I know it well. Similar threads tie me to my beloved maternal grandparents. They are never far from my heart.

Hope! & Joy!

Sandi McBride said...

I know what you mean. I realized a few months ago that I couldn't remember what Mama's voice sounded like. My Aunt Margaret told me to call my house and listen to my answering machine and it'd all come back to me. I must have given her an odd look as she explained that I sound just like her. I guess it's sort of like beauty in the eye of the beholder...a voice in the ear of a loved one...
hugs to you
I loved this

Lee said...

Thanks, Sandi. I know what you mean too. My family tells me I have my paternal grandmother's voice.

Hugs back atcha!