Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pleasant Things to Come Home To

Wow, while I was out working everyone else was home happily blogging away. San put up 2 wonderful posts each accompanied by an exquisite painting. David shared one of the best pictures I've seen on his blog.

What was I doing for work? Not much and it lasted less than an hour. A company I do business with is doing advertising research and I was asked to sit in on a focus panel. There were 3 of us in this particular group. We talked about the company and then discussed some ads and how we felt about them. It was kind of fun. I've taken online surveys before but this was my first live panel. For my time and opinions I got paid very well. More than I'd make for a full day of substitute teaching. This was a pleasant experience and I'd be glad to do it again.

Looking over at JS's blog I see she has been posting tests again. Looks like there are two more I need to take. Movies and World Leaders huh? This should be interesting. (G)



San said...

Lee, thanks again for the great compliments on my posts and paintings. I actually did those posts from work, since my home laptop won't let me post. Comment yes. Post no. Bummer.

Your focus group does sound fun. I did one back in the 90s. It was sponsored by a mortgage company and our group chatted about our recent home-buying experience in front of a two-way mirror. They paid us something--I can't remember how much--and provided a meal.

Lee said...

San, you are so welcome! I really love your stuff. You write intelligently and paint creatively creating a unique experience for me each and every time.

:) Glad to know you liked yours too. Sounds like yours lasted longer than mine. My topic was banking. I am wondering if those companies who gather this stuff like to keep a list of people who will work with them on a regular basis.