Sunday, November 25, 2007


San's friends have been having fun, she joined in and decided to tag a whole list of folk, including me. :) I'm glad to tag along so...

Two names you go by (besides your given names)?
1) Rinkydink (my dad's nickname for me when I was a child)
2) Sunshine (nickname given by an old flame)

Two things you are wearing right now?
1) Timex Expedition wristwatch
2) Green knit top w/ cowl neck which is one of my favorite winter tops

Two longest car rides?
1) San Antonio, TX to Asheville, NC. It was the first vacation my ex and I took when we were married.
2) The trip to my first boarding school. I was kind of nervous, it would be my first long stay away from home.

Two of your favorite things to do:
1) have a good massage (it's been a while)
2) give a good massage (this too hasn't been done in a while) :(

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1) a digital camera
2) a good nap to get rid of my headache

Three animals you have or have had:
1) Sissy Puppy Paws - dog my parents had when I was a child
2) Sam the Siamese - first cat, also when I was a child
3) Hyram & Hooboo - cats I have now

Three things you ate today:
1) breakfast at church consisting of a donut, a banana, and coffee
2) coffee before church along with several daily pills
3) it's too early for me to have eaten anything else

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
1) See my PC
2) wash some clothes

Two favorite holidays:
1) Christmas
2) Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages:
1) Coffee with Irish Cream
2) Glass of cold milk (w/ Oreos)

I tag: Susan Palwick
David at authorblog
anyone else who wants to play along.


San said...

We share the same favorite holidays, Lee.

Hope your headache gets better...

Lee said...

We sure do, San! Thanks for the get well wish. I hope so too.


jsd said...

Fun post no - hope you're feeling better.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Lee,

I'm curious - how far is it from San Antonio, TX to Asheville, NC?

It's common here to drive Melbourne-Sydney in a day. That's about 1000 kilometres (about 620 miles) but I guess distances in the US would be much greater.

Lee said...

David, According to Yahoo Maps it is 1197.3 miles from San Antonio, TX to Asheville, NC. You can drive it in 18 hours.

My ex and I didn't do a straight drive though. We stopped up near Dallas to visit his Uncle. Then went in easy stages through Arkansas, Tennessee and finally into Asheville.

It was a really interesting trip. A storm front kept pace with us all the way from east of Dallas to the Smokey Mountains and we kept driving in and out of rain. In Arkansas we camped at this lovely place called Lake Catherine. In Tennessee we camped next to the Grand Ole Opry but the mosquitoes were so bad we didn't have a very good time. Asheville is lovely anytime of year and worth seeing in September which was when we went. The fall colors were amazing.


Lee said...

JS, yes, it was indeed a very fun post. Made me think to remember some things. :)

Yes, I've had a nap and am feeling much better, Thanks for asking.


Casdok said...

mm Coffee with Irish Cream!

Lee said...

Hi Casdok, Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web. Yes, it is yummy...especially in cold weather. :)