Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Shawl and Ohmygosh!

Yesterday, Christmas came early. The shawl Susan knitted for me arrived. It came in this big box and I rushed inside with it. Upon opening it the first thing I saw was 2 kitty toys. Susan had graciously thought of my feline family and included gifts for Hyram and Hooboo. Next was this large, silky, purple bag of lavender. Wonderful fragrance surrounded me! Finally a layer of tissue and there was the shawl, lying neatly folded beneath it. It's a beautiful blue with hints of green and lavender. The exact shade is hard to label because Susan used a variegated yarn which creates a unique blend. When I put it on it fit nicely around my shoulders with a little extra to hold onto. The whole thing has a nice feel to it and the pattern she used gives it substance. With the shawl wrapped around me I went to view myself in the mirror. Women in shawls look ladylike and romantic. I'm delighted!

With the shawl still around me, no way was I taking it off, I sat down to open the kitty toys. They came with catnip to put inside. The first one was a frog and once assembled I tossed it to Hooboo, who'd been napping in front of the sofa. He bounced up, looked at it suspiciously, took a good sniff, grabbed it, and immediately rolled over on his back where he tried to dismantle it with his hind feet. OK...that was a success! (g) Then I put the lamb together and took it into Hyram who was sleeping on top of my chest of drawers. Waking him gently I put the toy in front of him. He sniffed it and kept on sniffing. Then he started giving it some licks along with those, "oh this smells wonderful" sniffs. Success with kitty gift number two! (g)

The bag of lavender has ties which are loops of ribbon, so it was meant to be hung pomander style. Into the closet it went. Now my clothes will smell wonderful and soothing. Susan tells me lavender discourages moths so I'm doubly glad for the bag.

With the shawl still on, although pushed a bit higher because, as Susan suspected, it's a bit warm for my climate right now, I sat down to email her. Then I wrote a couple of friends to brag about how lovely it looked. JS has agreed to help with the digital photos. So, I'm taking it with me to her place for Thanksgiving. If the pictures are clear I'll post them when I get home.

In the mean time, I'd like to thank Susan once again for her amazingly generous gift of time, effort, and love. When it comes to friends, I am blessed to count her as one!

Peace! Hope! & Joy! and Happy Thanksgiving!


I forgot to mention the lovely card Susan included with the gifts. (sheepish grin) That was a gift in itself. It was practically a letter as she used both sides of the card to write. The front of it has this lovely artwork that looks like a hand painted watercolor. It was signed by the artist. Of course she wished me well in it and sent love for me and mine. Care directions for the shawl were included. The thing that dropped my jaw was that she even gave me a guarantee. If the shawl ever falls apart she has promised to knit me a new one. Wow! Susan, I love you too!!! Thank you!



San said...

Just coming out of the kitchen for a little while, Lee, to wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see the shawl...happy thanksgiving to Susan too!

Lee said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, San! Can't wait to show off the shawl either. :)

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

Susan Palwick said...

I'm so glad that you (and the cats!) were so happy with the package, Lee! There was a card in there, too -- you got that, right?

San, Happy Thanksgiving to you also!

And Lee, I hope that sometime it will get cool enough in San Antonio for the shawl to come in handy!

Lee said...

LOL Yes I got the card, Susan! It was more of a letter and made the whole thing even more wonderful! (G) God bless you!

Don't worry, the winter will be cold enough to wear it. We might not get snow in S. Texas but we do get plenty of cold weather.

Peace! & Joy!

david mcmahon said...

One of my favourite writers was George Bernard Shaw(L)!!!

Have a very special Thanksgiving, Lee ....

Lee said...

LOL David, you have such a unique sense of humor. (g)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


Kelly said...

Gifts are so much fun!

Lee said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, presents are tons of fun...both the giving and the getting. Some of the best fun I used to have as a kid was the wrapping. We made faces out of yarn and all kinds of fun stuff. Mom was a teacher.