Friday, November 23, 2007

Shawl Pictures

JS and her family invited me to Thanksgiving dinner at their place. I had a great time. My contribution to the meal was green bean casserole. One set of grandparents was visiting so I got to meet some of her family. We all played games, ate a great meal, and watched the Detroit - Green bay game.

Between games of memory tiles and dominoes, JS broke out the kids digital cameras and took some pictures of me in the shawl Susan made. I'm not that photogenic but I hope the shawl shows up nicely.

These were taken in their kitchen using two different cameras. I need to see if I can't get me one like theirs. The nice thing about the kids cameras, besides the price, is they plug into the computer using a USB cable. No fancy card reader to buy. That would work really well for me. Earlier this year I bought a USB cable so that I could use my new pocket drive. I have an older machine which doesn't have front port access.

As I mentioned in an earlier post the shawl's color is hard to describe. It changes depending on how you are looking at it. That's the reason it looks like two different shades of blue in the upper and lower picture. The vanity in me wishes I'd spent a little more time primping before we took them. Oh well, we can't look good all the just isn't like that.

So there you are! The shawl and me. :)


San said...

Lee, the shawl is simply lovely and I love the pictures of you wearing it. You look so thin! Sounds like it was a happy Thanksgiving for all.

Flan has one of those digital cameras that doesn't use a card reader. They are really nice, aren't they?

Lee said...

San, Thank you for the lovely compliment. And I absolutely love the shawl! Yes, the Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope yours with family in was just as wonderful.

Yes, those cameras are nice. The price is hard to beat. I'm thinking I'll get one very soon. Maybe an early Christmas present for myself.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!