Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Wandering Response: Answer My Cellphone Where?!

David McMahon, in his Weekend Wandering post asks the following question: Have you ever answered or made a call on a cellphone while you were in a toilet? (Or even wanted to and thought better of it!)

My first thoughts were, why the cellphone? You can do this on regular portable home phones too. But perhaps it was asked about cell phones because they have a much better pickup on their microphones since they are often used in noisy areas like airports, restaurants, or moving cars.
Then I wondered why he'd ask something so personal. Maybe it was a guys question? Whatever the reason, I don't spend that much time on my cellphone but as a subject for a discussion on phone etiquette it is excellent. So, here's my answer.

If it is a business call it won't last long enough for this type of incident, and I certainly wouldn't pick it up unless I was headed out of the necessary. Just call back quickly and apologize, explaining you were busy. If it was a friend I'd also decline to pick up until I was headed elsewhere, this is assuming a public location. If I'm at home however, it's a different case. My best friends tend to call and talk for a really long time, sometimes two hours or more. If I need to do that kind of thing, especially if it is their dime, I just discretely let them know or find a way to let it not be known. They've certainly done the same thing to me. I'd rather embarrass myself by acknowledging a bodily function than to be rude to a friend who'd called and ask to interrupt our conversation.

And now I'm going to try that method Terry told us about to make a backlink. If it works this will be all the notification you get. If it doesn't I'll have to comment elsewhere. Update: It worked! :) Yay, Terry!!!



San said...

Lee, I'd rather people lock themselves into the toilet to talk on their cell phones than invade my gallery space, talking so loudly that the others present can't hear their own thoughts. This happens more often than it used too. Someone will walk in, broadcasting a personal conversation to everyone within 50 feet, oblivious to the needs of others. It's one of those behaviors that makes me want to tap them on the shoulder and ask, "Didn't your mother teach you any manners?"

I've tagged you for a frivolous game. Come over to my place and see...

Lee said...

San, I totally agree with you on the inappropriate and inconsiderate use of cellphones. We had someone's cellphone going off during the Celtic Mass. It was very embarrassing to those of us who had been polite enough to put ours on manners mode or turn them off. It also bugs me when someone is driving and using one. Either they are a danger to others or they slow down to be safer and thus slow traffic. Sigh! I guess it is part of the adjustment period that society goes through when something new comes along. Hopefully we will eventually learn better manners with those things.

Tagged me? Ok, headed your way! :)


david mcmahon said...

Very interesting thoughts, Lee and San. I once heard a long, involved conversation involving someone on a cell phone in a toilet!!

(Which is why I asked the question)

Good job on the backlinks. You are Terry's star pupil!!

Lee said...

David, Thanks for the compliments. The question was definitely worthy of blog space and Terry's instructions made everything fall into place. As to your long, involved conversation, "Man! Would I love to have been a fly on that wall!" LOL


Fletch said...

I had to visit to congratulate you on making the 'backlinks' thingy work on your Blog.

It's the sort of feature that probably becomes easier the more one uses it, but it certainly isn't intuitive.

Throw me another curved ball - I need the mental stimulation!

Lee said...

Terry, Thank you! You did all the work, I just followed good directions. As for another curve ball, gladly! As soon as I have one to throw. (g)