Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

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This painting of George Washington is part of every American child's public school education. I can remember being in elementary school when I first saw it. It's image of this famous man is the one most familiar to me after the painting of him crossing the Delaware River. For some reason an odd fact sticks in my head about his face. You'll notice he isn't smiling. Some thoughtful teacher supplied a story about that. What we were told was that he had new dentures, they were wooden in those days. The dentures didn't fit very well, so he was hurting. I can't testify to the validity of that, but I've no idea why a teacher would tell us a fib unless she wanted us to have an interesting story. Anyway, I like the picture for that reason and those memories. The puzzle was fun to work. Enjoy!


Sandi McBride said...

But Lee, his eyes are smiling

Lee said...

Wow, Sandi! You've got better eyes than mine. When I cover his mouth I can see a spark of interest in his eyes. I think that's the eyebrows maybe. What was the tell, please?


david mcmahon said...

By George, that's a familiar face!

Lee said...

What?! You mean you knew him when? LOL David, I love your sense of fun!


San said...

Looks like acid reflux to me.

Lee said...

LOL Now that I hadn't considered. Hope you're having a good weekend, San.


murat11 said...

Nothing about GW, but I wanted to tell you that Walden and I have gotten addicted to this puzzle site. Better than caffeine in the morning.

Lee said...

It surely is, Paschal! Good for you and Walden. What type of puzzle cut do you guys prefer, how many pieces, and what's the fastest you've done so far?

My mom's addicted to it too. She does lots of them my dad tells me. I'm really glad. It seems to be helping her mentally.