Saturday, February 02, 2008

My Next Pet?

Upon reading about my newly acquired title, my friend JS suggested that my next pet perhaps should be a "Jesus Lizard". I didn't know what this was so I looked it up. Here's what Wikipedia has on this creature.

Common basilisk, Basiliscus basiliscus, (or simply the basilisk) is a lizard found in Central and South American rain forests near rivers and streams. It has a diet consisting of insects, flowers and small vertebrates like snakes, birds and fish. The basilisk has numerous predators including large birds of prey, snakes, fish, other larger reptiles, and mammals. The basilisk is not endangered.

The basilisk's maximum lifespan in captivity is around 7-8 years, but in the wild most die much sooner. Females lay about 2-18 eggs, five to eight times a year. Eggs hatch after about three months and the young weigh about 2 grams. Their outstanding camouflage allows them to remain undetected when they remain motionless in the undergrowth. They have long toes and sharp claws, and their head is adorned with both a crest and a coloured dewlap. Most are under 25 centimetres (1 foot) in length, but some may grow up 75 centimetres and usually weigh between 200-600 grams. Like most reptiles, basilisks are active during the day.

Ability to walk on water

The basilisk is part of the iguana family. It, along with the Brown basilisk, has the nickname the "Jesus Christ Lizard" or "Jesus Lizard" because when fleeing from a predator, it gathers sufficient momentum to run on top of water for a brief distance. Basilisks have large hind feet with flaps of skin between each toe, much like the webbing on a frog. These are rolled up when the lizard walks on land; but if the basilisk senses danger, it can open up this webbing to increase the surface area on the water relative to its weight, thus allowing it to run on water for short distances. Smaller basilisks can run about 10-20 metres on the water surface without sinking, and can usually run farther than older basilisks.

So, now you know all that I know about this creature. Being a lover of dragons, I'm attracted to it's dragonish crest. Very attractive! If it can walk on water perhaps JS is right. It just might be the perfect pet. Good call, JS! (G)


The Egel Nest said...

Lee -

Found you through David's interview! :)

Great stuff.

Wondering if the "Jesus Lizard" comes in a Jewish version.

Maybe a Moses Lizard?

This Jew wonders :)

The Egel Nest

Amrita said...

Hello Lee, got to you from authorblog. You 've got a swell blog and i like your interview on blogging. Blogging has done wonders for me too, as I am a physically challenged woman.

I quite recetly heard about the Jesus Liard. Researchers somewhere in the US are studing its water walking techniques, so they can replicate them.

Lee said...

Hi Bradly,

Thank you for visiting. Glad you liked the interview.

I looked and didn't find any Moses Lizards although I found plenty of symbolism about the lizard and a story concerning Moses and a lizard. Is there some animal that has major Jewish significance?


Lee said...

Hello Amrita, Thank you for coming to call. I'm glad you like my place. Isn't it nice that we can find support systems like blogging these days.

Thank you for that interesting bit about the Jesus Lizard. I suspect the scientists will be successful and provide us with some sort of flotation device that will let us walk on water. :)


Sandi McBride said...

Good morning Lee...having finished my first pot of coffee with the help of Mac, I came in with the last cup to enjoy my friends. Wow, what a neat interview you did with David. I'm impressed. I love lizards...and frogs...I hope you get a nice lizard pet...I have found Drs. Foster and Smith (google them for the site) have the best priced pet supplies...any pet. A Jesus Lizard...I love it! If you get one, please include pictures. I have enjoyed that clip of Smoke Smoke Smoke so much...thanks for the time and effort. Okay, gotta go see more friends...hugs

Bradley's Mom said...

Hello Lee!

I came over from David's blog as well!

I loved the interview, and enjoyed meeting you!

I will visit often!!

Be well!


Lee said...

Hi Sandi! I've had about 3 or 4 cups of coffee by now. And gone and come back from church. Glad you enjoyed the interview. It was fun to do.

The lizard is a tease from my friend, but if I ever get a house out of my career change I just might buy one. Got to figure out how to keep it away from the cats though. Poor little basilisk is only a foot long. Maybe an Iguana? In the mean time, I've more kitty pics to post. Just have to upload them from the camera.

Thanks for the pet supply sites. I'll be sure to look into them. You're welcome about the song. I keep going back and listening to it from time to time. Did you listen to any of the other versions that came up when the video was through?

Well, I've got lesson plans to write up...Hugs!

Lee said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for coming to visit. Please feel free to come anytime. I love visitors. Glad you liked the interview.

You be well too!

Dragonstar said...

I knew it had to be a good idea to come over here from David's. I always thought the Basilisk was purely mythical. Now you've shown me different, please tell me there are actual proper dragons around - I want one.

imac said...

Well Done Lee, very pleased to meet you.

You have a great blog and very interesting posts.

Akelamalu said...

I popped over from David's too - loved the interview.

The info re the jesus lizard was interesting thanks.

Lee said...

I don't know about live proper dragons, Dragonstar, but I'd love to have one too. From what I saw in Jurassic Park, the dinosaur that looked like a dragon and spit poison would have been too dangerous to own.

According to the research I did using "common name dragon", David's country has a reptile that is called Inland Bearded Dragon. Doubt it breathes fire. And here is a lizard that flies called, appropriately enough, The Flying Dragon. And here is something I tend not to think of as a dragon but the colors are gorgeous, the Dragon Moray. Yay, a water dragon!

I'm a huge McCaffery fan, so if I hear about anything remotely resembling a real live dragon I'll be sure to let you know.


Lee said...

Thanks imac! It's so good of you to visit and take time to comment. I've visited your place and love your photos. I'll be back visiting soon.


Lee said...

Hi Akelamalu! Thank you so much for popping in! I'm glad to see you here. Please feel free to visit anytime. I'll make a visit to your blog shortly.


San said...

Lee, I'm home today and David's blog won't load on my laptop. Can you send the interview to me? I would love to read it and I don't think I'll be back at the gallery computer before we leave for vacation.

Everything I Ever Wanted to Know about Jesus Lizards but Was Afraid to Ask.


Joy to you.

Lee said...

Hi San. Thanks for letting me know. Hope the interview opens on your laptop. It's in MS Word. Glad you enjoyed the Jesus Lizard stuff.


San said...

The document did indeed open, Lee. Thanks for sending it. I loved reading about your inspiration for the title Chrysalis Dreams, your unfolding life and dreams, the way the blog is meshing with it all. Lovely! I am so pleased to have gained your friendship through blogging.

And how thoughtful of you to mention my animal totem post. You are truly a dear. ;-)

Good luck with those lesson plans.


Lee said...

Thanks San! I'm glad you liked the interview. The lesson plans are coming along nicely. As to mentioning your wonderful post...just giving credit where credit is due my good and excellent friend. :) Love the pun btw. :)


Sandi McBride said...

Hurry back Lee...did you get yourself a lovely lizard yet???

indicaspecies said...

Hi Lee,

I reached here from David's Authorblog, and its lovely reading your interview, knowing you better through that and being here as well.

May your dreams come true and may that also include obtaining a pet of your choice. :)

- celine

Lee said...

Hi Sandi! Nope, no lovely lizard yet. That will be a while. I'll check in on you later this evening.


Lee said...

Hi Celine! Glad to have you here! Please feel free to drop by any time. You're right! Those interviews are a GREAT idea! I can't wait to see who gets interviewed next.


david mcmahon said...

Hi Lee,

When I get back from work today, (tomorrow morning your time) I'll update you on the mag situation ....

Lee said...

I'll be waiting with bated breath David! :)

Have a great day!