Saturday, February 16, 2008

Puzzle Share

Click to Mix and Solve
Mom and I both like jigsaw puzzles. Since I subscribe to Jigzone, I often send her puzzle postcards of the day's puzzle. It's a nice way to share with Mom and also send a brief message.

This wasn't the puzzle of the day. That one was rather confusing to me and I didn't really like the picture even though I did solve it. I sent it to Mom but wanted something nicer to send so I went looking for a different one and this one is what I found. There's something about it that is peaceful and yet mysterious so that it pulls you in. Hope you like it.


virtual nexus said...

Lovely puzzle - I haven't seen jigzone before. Have copied the link over to my blog, thanks!

Lee said...

Thank you, Julie! And thank you for dropping in and visiting. I'll come over and return the visit.