Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bits and Pieces...

The duvet set arrived last night. My room is now a nice raspberry red. The comforter is just right for the climate I live in. Cozy and warm but not too much so. So it seems my purchase was a good one.

A friend of mine closed on his first home on Friday. He took me over to see it yesterday after work. Nice house! It will provide a good home for him, and his kids when they visit. He's eager to get moved in and already wants to do things so the place reflect his personality. While discussing this with him and others I learned that Habitat for Humanity has a store where you can buy home fixtures for less than you would pay at most other places. They're called ReStores and we have two here in San Antonio. Now I have to go look! (g)

Yesterday was the first day back at work. The kids were fine. They just had to sit and follow orders when possible. The teachers were getting busy and rethinking lots of strategies as we are headed into TAKS season. TAKS, if you don't know, is the annual "high stakes" tests that every school child has to take to prove that the school is doing its job. Never mind that it doesn't really do this. The teachers still have to teach to it and also teach the student test taking skills.

With the back to work schedule I suddenly have enough to do that when I get home I'm tired and once again want to do nothing but relax and not think hard. When I got so lazy I don't know but I definitely have to do something about the lack of productivity in my after work hours and attitude.

So that's what's new!


jsd said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your gift to yourself - just in time for our "cold" front.

Lee said...

Thanks, JSD. Cold front? (looking around for extra socks)

Susan Palwick said...

Yay comforters!

And I'm not being productive, either, so you're in good company!

Lee said...

Thanks, Susan! Life is once again busy as all get least for 8 hours a day. (g) School started back up on Wednesday.