Monday, January 15, 2007

Three days turns to four

Wow! The weather is so bad down here in San Antonio that most of the schools are closing for tomorrow. That means that I will be staying home. Wednesday is only supposed to have a slight improvement so who knows. Right now a 3-day weekend has turned into 4. Maybe it will go on for another day or two. Thank goodness I stopped by the store earlier today. I bought a whole box of firelogs to see me through the freeze.

In the meantime, I'm glad that the roads and schools are closed. It's safer this way. South Texans don't get enough snow or ice to know how to drive safely in it. It's much better if everyone, including students and parents, stay home. The city may come to a standstill but it could be worse. We could have loss of power, but we probably won't. It hasn't rained enough to cause the limbs of trees to carry a heavy load of ice. And while the Hill Country might have snow, San Antonio probably won't.

I'm still praying for my friend's lost cat. If the roads aren't total ice on the way to the grocery store tomorrow I will stop by and see if she has come back home.

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