Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cozy Sleep - Bargain Shopping

It just arrived. I unpacked it with my hopes up. Yes it felt lighter than I thought it should. That might be ok. This is south Texas and our winters don't get that cold. What I'm talking about is the down comforter in the picture on the left. That's the image from the Overstocks.com web site. The comforter doesn't look quite that fluffy yet. It is puffing up though.

The amount spent on this wasn't huge, so I probably don't get the guarantees that come with those several hundred dollar ones. I don't expect the quality either. But for $29 I think this one is decent. Tomorrow or the next day the duvet cover should come. They were the same price as the comforter. Shipping was free. So for just under $60 I have some warmer sleep ahead of me. (g)

Right now my only serious complaint is the preservative smell the comforter has. That should go with exposure to the air. This is my Christmas present to myself. At this point, I'm reasonably pleased and hope to be more so later. Since we are having temperatures in the mid 30's tonight I shall probably enjoy sleeping under this. Sweet dreams!


Susan Palwick said...

It looks very cozy! Enjoy! Warm sleep is so important!

Lee said...

Thanks, Susan! Its v-e-r-y cozy and warm. Last night the duvet cover set arrived and now my bed is a nice raspberry red. The curtains are navy blue so at some point I ought to change them too.