Monday, January 15, 2007

Nasty weather

It's cold and wet outside. This isn't normal south Texas weather. We south Texans aren't accustomed to freezing rain. So the roads are kind of empty today and the wind is hurting our ears for lack of earmuffs. I went outside in it twice today to throw out the trash and don't really want to go out in it again. Fate isn't letting me avoid this. A friend has called and asked for help.

He has been moving into his first house this weekend and during the move his cat got out and is loose somewhere on his old apartment complex. It is a large complex and while he has had the cat for a few weeks I don't know if the cat knows her way home. So, I got out my cat carry case, put on extra layers of clothing (windchill is in the 20's) and have food in bowls to shake and see if we can coax her to come out and get taken to her new home. Wish me luck please!

Later...about 2 hours

Well, we didn't find the cat. I looked under every car, around every dumpster and bush and called while he went to the apartment complex office to turn in the keys. I had brought food so we left some in a bowl on the patio in the hopes the cat might survive and find the food. From what my friend tells me this cat has never been further than the bush at the edge of the passage way so it won't know its way home. If you want to pray for the cat please do. My friend thinks it is pretty much a lost cat now because it was very scared when he lost it. I'm not surprised at that but I am distressed. If he had asked, or I had thought to, I'd have offered my carry case to take the animal to its new home in. And the weather is getting colder. I hate this.


jsd said...

Good Luck Lee! The cat is going to have a long hard night if y'all can't find it.

Lee said...

Thanks JSD! I wish I could say we had some but we didn't. My friend is pretty clueless about pets and their quirks and I don't think he will find it now that the weather is getting so cold. I will try to drop by the place tomorrow if I can manage to but I don't have much hope of the cat surviving the night. However, I did leave food out and the cat had put on weight in the past few weeks thanks to a good diet. I hope someone takes her in...she is a sweet kitty.

Susan Palwick said...

Poor kitty! Poor friend! Poor Lee! I'm praying for all of you.

With luck, someone else will find the cat and take it in. At least it's in an apartment complex, not in a forest. I don't suppose the animal is microchipped?

Lee said...

Thank you for the prayers, Susan! My friend adopted her from the animal shelter and I don't think he had her microchipped. I pray that she finds shelter too.