Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Six word stories

I've been tagged by Susan to write a 6 word story. She gave some very good examples. Never having had a lot of faith in my imagination this was challenging for me. So I want to say, "Thank you, Susan! It has been a better experience than I thought it would be."

Not being as prolific at this as some are, I managed to write two stories. Here they are.

1. Conspiratorial pets. Absent owner. Spectacles crunched!

2. Opposing gables. Curtains blow. Ghostly romance.

Not having a huge network of readers I am going to see if I can tag someone who isn't writing a blog. There are a couple of teachers at work who might enjoy the challenge.


Susan Palwick said...

Good job, Lee! :-) And I'm glad you're getting days off! I wish I was!

Lee said...

Thanks, Susan! :-) I've been taking advantage of the time to sleep. I seem to need it.


Anonymous said...

Red Light
Fire Drill
Green Light