Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Industrial Strength Cleaning

One of my cats is very unhappy with me. In the past 12 hours I've stripped my bed twice and thrown everything into the wash. That's not easy when part of your bedding is a down comforter. I think the culprit is Hooboo because I spotted him coming out of the bedroom just before I discovered the second middle of the sheets kitty pee "accident".

Last night's bedding took 3 loads, so I got to sleep later than I'd planned. Once stripped and remade, I read a book in bed till the washing was done and the comforter was in the dryer. This morning, I've had time to toss the newly wet sheets in the wash, clean the catbox, and take out the trash. I'm beginning to feel really organized if I can get this much done this quickly.

With the bedroom door closed, I'm hoping the problem is solved until I've had a run to WalMart. I realize I need one of those plastic covers for mattresses. I'm praying that the cause was simply an effort on the cat's part to get me to clean their box more frequently and not testosterone competition coming to a head. If it wasn't the box I may come home to something worse. If that happens I don't know what I'll do. I think I'll leave Hooboo out today just to be safe. He liked being outside yesterday and I came home to find him sleeping in my Kalanchoe planter.

On the going to work side, my CT suggests I bring my own lunch so that I can eat what I prefer. She also suggests I leave my purse locked in my car and only bring a little change in the room with me. Her room and filing cabinet don't lock well. So maybe this is a good idea. I offered to take a list of repair requests to the office for her commenting that if they kept her room in top working order she would feel taken care of. When I sign in this morning I think I'll ask who we turn in such requests to and see if they can't put a new lock for her on the to do list.

Happy Tuesday all!


jsd said...

Suck...I already hate doing laundry especially when it's due to the animales.

Sounds like school is going ok thus far, kudos to you.

Lee said...

Thanks JS! Yeah, pet generated laundry definitely isn't my favorite thing to do. Thankfully, I'm not discovering any other accidents. I think that I'll just leave the bedroom door closed when I'm away. It was PC Tuesday and I'm too tired to go bedding shopping. I'm wondering if I can find some industrial strength cat pan liners. I already use the extra large ones but I'd like a thicker plastic. Suggestions?

Thanks also for the kudos. Yeah, my CT seems ok with me.