Monday, August 20, 2007


A letter arrived on Saturday telling me about some of the transition from summer free time to very busy student time. I have my first meeting at UTSA on Wednesday. Later that same day I am to attend a meeting at the North East ISD. Each meeting will tell me some of the expectations a student teacher needs to meet. I'm slightly stressed and a little relieved. Suddenly, I'll have lots to do and think about. I'm relieved that things are finally happening and also that both meetings are spaced several hours apart. The morning meeting is casual dress and after it I can go home, eat lunch and change into professional garb for the evening one.

The kitty transition is coming along but not very smoothly. Hyram has decided to hiss frequently at Hooboo. Hooboo, being only a year old, thinks he is invincible. Foolish kitty. Hyram may be old but is over twice his size. Hooboo has done the submissive lay on your side thing exactly once that I could tell. Hyram wasn't impressed. Hooboo has also flown in the face of Hyram with claws reaching out to scratch. He didn't quite make it. I hope he is only showing a bit of bravado. Things seem to calm down at night. Hyram takes up his post under my bed or near it. Hooboo tends to sleep on the sofa till the early morning hours at which time he invades my bed and snuggles onto my pillow with paws kneading and head nudging. Of course this wakes me from a sound sleep. The rewarding thing about this is that he isn't under my feet when he is in bed and the other evening Hyram was on one side of me while Hooboo was on the other. Both were sleeping. And thankfully so could I. This evening Hooboo found the old kitty fishing poles. He has no apparent feather color preference. He'll chase anything. Hyram prefers the hot pink ones and only attacks feathers when he feels like it. My trip to the pet store netted me lots of cat food, litter, a collar for Hooboo and a nice wide cat scratch pad. I'm making sure I reward Hooboo every time he uses it instead of the sofa. Good kitty! Have a treat! :)


jsd said...

I agree transitions are exciting and alittle nerve-racking too. But, I imagine each step forward will bring clarity and joy for've worked really hard to be where you are, and now as you begin to transition into your new role as teacher there's that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Lee said...

Hey JS! Thanks for sharing my vision. :) Peace & Joy!