Sunday, August 26, 2007

Midnight Destruction! And maybe a blessing...

This morning, I stepped from my bedroom to find the floor covered with papers and magazines. Hooboo had climbed onto my desk during the night and knocked almost every piece of paper on it to the floor. I know it was Hooboo because the bag of catnip, carefully stashed in a tray, was out on the desk surface. Hyram just isn't that ambitious. He had also jumped up on the sofa arm, knocking off a small stack of magazines, to reach the strip of paper that was my "Ribbon" poem which I'd hung on the wall. This, sadly, was torn in two and I found half of it on the floor tangled in a piece of cording from my desk. He'd had a lot of fun while I was sleeping. It didn't take me long to clean up my desk or the floor. It will take me longer to forgive Hooboo for the destruction of my heart's creation.

I'm trying to tell myself that it is only a thing and that the poem is written in other places, my heart, this blog. But I put a lot of love and creativity into that piece of literary art and I'm wondering where I can find another strip of paper to try to recreate it. You see part of the poem is the paper it was written on which is a long ribbon of nice quality paper with a sort of parchment coloring. The words were written in different colored felt pens. I'd used a different color for each line.

The ribbon paper may have been purchased at Michael's, as a lot of craft supplies are. Since I need to go to Office Max, Ross's and Payless Shoes today, conveniently in the same shopping center, I think I will check there. Perhaps I can find some supplies to use in my classroom for my students. I really don't want to spend a whole lot on craft stuff but because it would be for my classroom I can take those supplies off my taxable income next year. So, perhaps I can find a blessing in all of this.

In other bits of news, yesterday I cleaned up my kitchen throwing away a few things and putting others I wasn't using out of sight in spare cabinet space. The whole thing looks much better and I'm pleased with the results. I also threw out some more magazines and papers and in the process got the stacks of paper on my very small coffee table down to just one pile. Having done the dining table earlier I now have two mostly bare table surfaces to look at and use. Yay!

While throwing things away I noticed the Math Pack I purchased over a year ago for my math approaches class. It is a kit with a bunch of wonderful math manipulatives and an instruction book to go along with them. This will be perfect to test out in my student teaching classroom. I'd always fussed about my professors requiring us to purchase long lists of supplies for their courses which we only used once. Now I know why we did this each semester. It was to build up a stock of things we would be using later when we had a classroom full time to work in. A stray thought popped up just now from when my leg was broken and my parents were here helping me take care of myself. I might have looked like a pack rat to them, they insisted I throw out or give away many things, but I had reasons for keeping most of the things I held on to. No classroom can ever hold all the supplies a teacher collects for use. Yay, another reason to move to a larger place when I have a classroom of my own! (G)

Happy Sunday, all!

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