Saturday, August 18, 2007

Only Five Months Away

At Christmas last year, I wrote a post called "The perfect Christmas list." In it I quoted "Grown Up Christmas List," which I first heard sung by the awesome Amy Grant. I also said I couldn't give you her to listen to and linked you instead to Kelly Clarkson singing it on YouTube. Well, it turns out I was wrong. As shown above, I can indeed give you Amy Grant singing Grownup Christmas List.

While exploring YouTube, I discovered just how popular this song is. Clay Aiken performs it. Other singers perform it. I even found an anime video pieced together from other anime videos with this song as the guiding theme. It seems the lyrics express sentiments that everyone wants to profess and support.

Well, I've always been one to think of Christmas early. As the title reminds us, it's only 5 months away. My end of year looks bright. Completing my teacher certification will bring about many significant changes in my life and I'm very happy about this. So, please enjoy hearing "Grown Up Christmas List," sung by my favorite performer, Yes in August, as we head towards my favorite holiday and a bright future.

As happened last time I embedded a YouTube video in a post, there will be a host of other related versions for you to click on and listen to after the Amy Grant video has played. Enjoy!


murat11 said...

Lee: As a teacher, I'm certainly hip to the idea that Christmas is just around the corner. I told a high school senior just yesterday that "Next summer's almost here! I can feel it!"

Lee said...

I hear you Murat! I don't think I'm quite ready to dream of summer unless it includes having gotten through one semester of actually having my own classroom first. But I want that dream. I want the time to go places and do things. I keep trying to imagine what I'll do with my first summer after I get my own classroom. Travel is always involved. I've never been to Chicago and have friends who live there so that is a strong possibility. What will you do with your next summer?

jsd said...

Lee: My first reaction to seeing the Christmas post was "ugh, not already" then I had to chide myself, cause it's not christmas I'm looking forward/past this year it's is the possibilities this coming summer may bring for me and my family.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have become slightly stressful for me since the kiddos came to us. I guess I worry too much about them enjoying the holidays that I forget to enjoy them myself. No doubt we both see a lesson there :)

Lee said...

Absolutely JS! For me this year I think it will be the idea of resurrecting old rituals which used to make me feel so good and a part of the season. It's been quite a few years since I had any sort of tree up, even for myself. :) I need to find an apartment sized Christmas tree. I also need to weed through ornaments which bring back memories.


murat11 said...

Here's a list of next summer possibilities:

1. Italy.
2. Boston.
3. Yosemite.
4. Purchasing a paleta cart and wheeling around the neighborhood.
5. Starting 4 more blogs, one on home repair (or paletas).
6, Writing a feminist history of the paleta.

I think I need a paleta...